Coach –A luxurious brand and its aspects

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Coach clothing is a luxury that was the top brand that produces leather handbags, shoes, and other accessories. It took the fashion industry with a storm by manufacturing premium quality leather products. It was originated in a workshop which was run by a family in New York and soon because of its premium quality and designs it reached great heights and became one of the biggest brands in New York. In 1979 coach had a sale of total $6 million and had its distribution channels spread in the north-eastern side of United States. The first direct retail store of the company was opened in 1981 in Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

Coach is an innovative brand

Coach is one of the most innovative brands you will ever see. It uses a messenger app known as Wechat to promote itself by offering free wallpapers and also offering giveaways every week on WeChat. The brand has been a part of numerous popular campaigns such as ‘what’s in your coach bag’ to interact with the customers and attract them. In China, the brand has more than seven lakhs followers and uses various strategies to have a high engagement with the customers.

Future fiscal goals of Coach

The brand recently announced its future goals for the forthcoming year, which involved eco-friendly practices and putting efforts to save the environment.

They are focusing on lowering CO2 emissions by the year 2020.

The primary focus is also on enhancing the management of Coach’s water resources and keeping a close eye on its water usage.

Coach is always known for its participation in social issues. So, it is also looking forward to attaining a score of 100 on the human rights campaign, which projects a positive image of the company.

To sum it up, coach is an excellent company with proper and effective strategies and future goals to grow at a good pace.

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