2 Top Places Where You Need To Reach Out During Dublin Tour!

Going for a Dublin tour? Have you ever searched for top places situated in Dublin? If yes, then to solve all the queries, one must pay some attention to this article. Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland situated at the mouth of river Liffey. It is considered as one of the historic cities of Ireland where you must visit for more fun and excitement. Here, I have mentioned some of the exciting places to visit in Dublin where one can enjoy with their family or even with a life partner.

Dublin Castle

The Dublin castle stands for a prominent figure in today’s time. It is considered as one of the beautiful tourist attractions in Dublin where you should visit once to feel more excited. You’ll love to know the castle had a black pool from where the name of Dublin derives ‘Dubh Linn.’ It is present in the castle garden.

During the tour of Dublin castle, you can see the state apartments, medical undercroft, chapel royal, and tearooms. State apartments might be closed on some special occasions; otherwise, it’ll always be opened for tourists.

Ha’penny Bridge

It is known as a beautiful pedestrian bridge over river Liffey or considers as a top tourist attraction in Dublin. It is one of the famous places in Dublin where you need to visit. If we talk about in which year it was built then in 1816, it was made. If you want to reach this tourist attraction during the tour, then it is suggested to go at night time. During night time, it becomes more attractive and beautiful due to multiple colorful lights.

So, we can easily say that if you are planning to go to Dublin’s tour then don’t forget to reach some favorite places.

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