The correct format of writing the Argumentative Essay

While writing the essay, the introduction paragraph is formed with the thesis statements which provide the background which help you to know about the argument and presenting the proof which backs up that argument. You have to know about the argumentative essay graphic organizer- this means the proper format of the essay in which all the things should be explained step by step.

If you want to know more about writing an argumentative essay, then follow some basic concept which makes you understand.

Outlining Your Paper

  • The argumentative essay is straightforward in some organization. When you are writing it on paper then you have to follow some things:
  • Make the interest of the reader in this situation, and they get some moral values while reading.
  • Explain the problem which you have chosen.
  • You have to explain various types of sides.
  • Put your point of view.
  • Attract the reader that your side is best and provide some example to satisfy them.


  • You have to explain the subject, controversy, and ending with the thesis.
  • Use that title which represents your point of view.
  • Try to explain the argument, not the debate.
  • What you are going to write firstly you have to think about the audience.
  • The reader will feel something while they are reading.


The body of every essay consists of three paragraphs; each paragraph will present different proof that maintains your thesis. You have to explain why your audience will support you. Try to make your argument reliable which stating the opposite side points or disprove those points. Two things are essential that is:

  • Reasons and support
  • Look forward to different position and argument


The conclusion means the summary of the thesis statement and evidence. Try to attract the reader that you are the best. It makes the entire essay together, to sum up.

These are some points which make the perfect formation of the essay. You can follow the Argumentative Essay Graphic Organizer to form your piece the best.

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