Why People Always Talk About Kraft bag?

People these days are choosing the option of Kraft Bag. Basically, these bags are made from the paper, and they are really valuable. ถุงคราฟท์ is eco-friendly, so it would be best for you. No doubt, the use of the paper can be possible when you are going to buy vegetables and many other things. There are different kinds of paper bags such as brown bags and white paper bags. Most of the time, you will get these two colors in the bags. Now I am going to explain both in upcoming paragraphs so take its advantages.

Brown vs. white paper bags

Basically, there are two different types of paper bags that come in the market such as brown and white. If we talk about the brown paper bags, then they are used more than the white paper bags. Instead of this, the white papers bags easily highlight the logo and easily represent the cleaned appearance than the brown bags. In addition to this, producers of the paper bags never do any changes in the sizes, tears, and rips so you will get both things the same. Therefore, you should simply take its advantages.

Capacity of bag

As we have already mentioned that the paper bags are made from the paper, so it is really important to be checking the capacity. Otherwise, it may get a break if you put too much in it. Let me start from the lunch bag which comes with the length of 11″ so it can come with the capacity of ½ – 5 lb. Nevertheless, once you use it, then you can also wash it again and again, but according to the producers, you can wash it 7 times. Even if you have grocery bags of 17″ length, then it has a capacity of 2 – 25 lb.

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