How to clean rugs effectively at home

Whenever it comes to clean rugs at home, it becomes quite hard for some of the family members to clean au rugs in the market as it costs too much. Today, we will discuss how rugs australia can be cleaned at home.

Try to vacuum your rugs a regular basis

To maintain au rug, do vacuum at least once a month. Flip rugs upside down and beat it with the beater which push the trapped dirt. Do not vacuum fringes as they are delicate material. You can just fluff them with your hands. For the front of the woollen rugs, suction is used and for the synthetic rug beater is used

Rotate your rugs properly

Foot pattern tracks the rugs. To avoid this, rotate the rea of rugs to avoid unsightly wear. If any furniture is placed on the rugs then move your furniture regularly to avoid uneven fading of colour.

Roll rugs for storage

Keep the rugs tightly roll to prevent creases and fold lines. It is also easy to carry roll when it is stored somewhere.

White vinegar for shining

Take 1 part of vinegar and add it 3 parts of water. Stir it and then blot it with the help of sponge in the direction of rug. Just dampen it, no need to soak it completely. Allow it to dry in shade of sun.

Sprinkle borax on the rug

As just washing or cleaning is ineffective at the control of insects. Borax degrades the insects and prevents rugs Australia from the larvae and eggs. Sprinkle borax on the rug. After 20 minutes vacuum it.

Treat stains and spots

Before doing any experiment with au rugs, always test rug with a white cotton cloth to make sure that the colour will not bleed. Do shampoo your rug made of woollen fabric. Always check them by using spot cleaner or shampoo.

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